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Turn Forum Notifications On/Off seems to have some issues...

There recently have been discussions by CurtB and Bruce about "Joining/Leaving" a Forum Group in-order to allow being able to Insert a clipboard image or a stored file from your PC into this Forums Reply boxes..  Until recently, I and CurtB was not fully aware of the "Join" black banner on the bottom of the least I was not!  Once you learned how to Join and Leave, that issue of imag/file insertion disappeared.

However, in the same threads that CurtB/Bruce discussed, there entered this bit about turning the "Subscription Notifications On or Off" in-order to not/get Lightening Bolt notifications.  CurtB said that the Turn Forum...On was not working or not reliable.  I wanted to explore this.

This link has either an On or Off....The off seem to work consistently when you do it to each of the 4 Forum groups.  It turns off the notification associated with that Forum Group.  Also, doing an Unsubscribe from the users Profile/Settings/Subscription works to turn off notices.  As described, the Turn Off only stops unsolicited questions...those that you Replied  to should still show up.  However, if you want to Turn ON notifications, this link does not seem to always work.  I've been able to sometime toggle back and forth, or use the F5 key(page refresh), or even trying to select a different thread or column.  I've tried the F5 on the different viewing pages...eventually I get something to work.  Maybe there is a time delay that my Profile does not get updated.  It was suggested that the only way to re-subscribe was to "Leave" and Join" back up, then Unsubscribe from the Notifications.

I tried turning the Internet and Phone..and got the below image (which appears under your Profile Icon at the top right . However, unsubscribing and gong back to turn Notifications back On, did not always work!  I wondering if COX has some clues on how this should work.  Also, the "Email Digest" next to the Subscriptions....any idea what this does....maybe for another later question.

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    ekhawaii, I tested "Turn Forum notifications off" and "Turn Forum notifications on" from the individual forum homes.

    "Off" seems to work immediately.  "On" seems to be working too, but it may take a couple of minutes.

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      Yes least the "Turn Reply Notifications on/off does sometimes work...seems like a time delay or sorts....I'm glad you found this toggle, instead of "Leave" and "Join" to get the Subscription Notification turned back on.  I like the Notification Lightning Bolt viewing of comments.  It takes you directly to the newly entered Reply or initial comment.  Viewing a list of subject located under each of the 4 Main groups, forces you scroll down and expand each buried sub-reply.  Because many of us reply to a specific persons reply, you sometimes need to expand that persons reply...just a little cumbersome.  However, being able to turn off Notifications from topics that you did not initiate or replied to is great.  There are lots of postings that I end up opening and closing under the Bolt.