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6 years ago

trouble getting incoming email

I have a primary cox email account and two secondary accounts. A few days ago, I quit getting incoming emails on one of my secondary accounts. I can access the inbox, but no new emails show up. I can still send emails from the account.  the primary and other secondary account are working fine. Any help would be appreciated.

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    Hi, you'll first want to check by sending yourself an email from/to that username to see if it's received. When responding please include a link to this conversation to us via Facebook PM, Twitter DM or email to -Carol
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      When  I am in the secondary account that I cannot access new emails in  my inbox, I composed a test email and sent it to the email address. I saw the inbox number of unread messages increase by one. It appears the message went through and was received properly, but is not being displayed.  I was able once to get the inbox messages to display, but when the inbox went to update I got this message "Error: Failed to load messages    Retry". when "retrying" , I get the same message. I have tried deleting the secondary email and reinstalling. I am not having this problem with my primary email address or one other secondary. I will email this to Another note: I am able to autoforward new incoming emails to my other secondary email account.

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        Are you seeing the email come into webmail if you send a test message and check it there first before checking your other mail program?

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