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2 months ago


Received last email about the transition on April 29 and stated almost in the home stretch. How long is this home stretch? Got first email on April 11. Supposed to get three emails before the transition. Did they forget about me?

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  • Hello.

    I'm sorry you haven't received the final email, which will be from Yahoo explaining the next steps. Rest assured, we haven't forgotten you. All emails won't transition at the same time ,but you will receive the final email once you have been transitioned to yahoo. 

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      Thanks for your replay.

       Got the email to transition. When can I setup my other email program (WML)?


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        Hi w0bjh. Once you get the email stating that your email account has transitioned, you can set up your other email program. Thanks, Lisa, Cox Support Forums Moderator

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    I got my Cox email address working with the server in eM Client.

    I received the following emails about the transition.

    * Your Cox email account is gearing up for a move to Yahoo, Elsie (from Cox) (sent in March)
    * The countdown to Yahoo Mail has begun (from Cox) (sent in April)
    * Almost time for your Cox email to move to Yahoo! (from Cox) (sent in May)
    * Important information about your Cox account (from Yahoo Mail) (sent in June)

    The last email gave me clear instructions on how to proceed.

    I didn't have to generate an app password.

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      Three emails so far.

      First - March 14 - Your email is moving soon

      Second - April 11 - Your email will soon move

      Third - April 29 - Your email will soon move - The last email from cox.

      Been using Windows Live Mail since the beginning (with Cox since 1997) using Pop and Smtp. Has been a trouble-free email program except Cox service.

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        Hi, there. I'm so sorry for the delay. You will receive an email with clear instructions on how to proceed once your account is ready to move over. If the email address in question has already migrated, then you will receive the following at our webmail page: Your Email Account has moved to Yahoo!. I have a few accounts that are in the same holding pattern as yours. Rest assured. they will continue to work on our end.