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5 years ago

TiffanyR at it again

Good job locking posts about packetloss and jitter! Wonder how many FCC complaints they're getting.

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    They even locked just my informational post regarding what the NCTA is. Stating the forums is for technical support only, yet its acceptable to bridge misses on their part with a link to the NCTA website. Same tactics used by the Soviet Unions public relation office or otherwise known as the Politburo. Deny publicly any wrong doing or mistakes and rush behind the scenes to patch the issue why censoring the public voice that contradicts the peoples official stance on the issue. Unfortunately this tactic was also one of the primary factors for the fall of the Soviet Union. History could be applied in the scenario and Cox could be the first Cable company to actually admit they made mistakes. At the same time they can admit they are doing a ton of work to rectify it. The problem is they already told the FCC they can handle the surge in traffic from COVID-19, likely cant revert on that statement now without long term impacts or opening the discussion for increase federal regulation of broad band providers.