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2 months ago

Thunderbird conversion

I could use some help. I can log into Yahoo's web server to get my mail.
I'm trying to switch Thunderbird from the Cox server to Yahoo.
I'm being asked for my password on I enter what I believe is my password.
I get the error message "login to server with userID failed"
Can you assist?- Mike

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    You most likely need to change the authentication from "password" to "OAuth2", then use the new password you created for Yahoo webmail. See below link if detailed step by step info is needed. Hope this helps.

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      I wasted hours trying to get it to work with bad advice from Yahoo support.  Changing the authentication from password to 0Auth2 was a simple change that worked just fine.  Too bad the Yahoo techs don't know it.

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        Hi pattiwagen, 


        I am sorry to hear about your customer experience. Thank you for sharing the information with your fellow Forum Members, 



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  • I got stuck on this too helping one of my managed customers today.  You'll need to go into the security settings of your Yahoo account on the web and generate an app password.  Copy/paste that password into Thunderchicken and it should start working for you.