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7 months ago

Throttling or blocking of Cloudflare

I use Cloudlfare to provide public routing to my personally hosted storage that is in my home.  I use this service to provide SSL cert as well as routing in case my public IP address changes. 

I have a reverse proxy setup inside my home network that based on the subdomain takes me to the service inside my network for the request.  Currently if I access my registered domain ( I get a 522: connection timeout from cloudflare to my network, but if I access my public IP address directly ( I can successfully get to my reverse proxy server, so it seems that Cox is blocking the access from cloudflare to my reverse proxy. 

Is there any way to have them remove this block?

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  • This is not a port blocking, this is blocking the connection from Cloudflare.  I can access the service directly thru the IP address of my home network, but it can not be reached from cloudlfare to benefit from the SSL protocol which makes it more secure and protects it from DDOS attacks which direct access does not.

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      I use CloudFlare for a few things myself so I can confirm it's not blocked but from what you've posted, it's hard to say just what is going on.  If it works by IP address I'd start by investigating for DNS problems further.

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        That's encouraging that you can get it to work.  I would love to explain more on my setup without posting IP addresses or CloudFlare configurations on a public forum to see what I am missing.  I don't see a way to DM you on these forums, is there a way to send you information directly from here?

  • Hi, there. Thank you for your inquiry. This function cannot be altered as it is designed to prevent servers over our residential network. We have several security functions in place that cannot be changed due to our security policy (for example, port 80 being blocked inbound at the cable modem level to prevent web hosting). I sincerely apologize for the inconvenience, however, and I hope you understand.