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2 years ago

This is insane.

My Cox cable has either been down or intermittent for a week or more. The only thing we get is that they are working to resolve the issue.

It would be nice to know what the issue is and why it is taking so long to fix. 

Will the customers be compensated for the down time?

I am a reasonable person I can see a day or two for a cut line or replacing a switch. But this seems like something more.

Does anyone know what it is.? 

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    This is a public, national forum so unless you say what state/area you are in, you probably won't get much help. Also, there are only 5-10 regular posters in the internet forum so it isn't  very useful for trending data.

    Did you want to troubleshoot the issue? If so, what model modem or gateway do you have? What light(s) are on it? Is it just effecting internet or TV too? If you login into do you see any outage notification?