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5 years ago

TG1682 Panoramic Modem

Is the TG1682 Panoramic Modem, which is given out by Cox, the same as the Netgear Nighthawk C7100V and/or the Arris SVG2482? All three look exactly the same, other than the writing on the front. They even have similar specs (24x8 channel bonding, CPUs, AC1750 or AC1900, antennae, etc). Even the light-up icons on the front are the same, and the ports on the back all have the same color schemes. If I had to guess, I'd assume they are produced in the same factory on the same line with the same equipment. 

The TG1682 Panoramic Modem is great - no complaints, other than it takes a while to boot-up. With occasional power outages, I'd like to get a battery back-up, and the Netgear battery is much cheaper on Amazon (like $30) than a full UPS. So I'm wondering if the Netgear battery will work on the TG1682 before I shell-out the money.