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5 years ago

Terrible service!

I just got service last month for my new home in Stonebriar Addition located in Edmond/OKC area.  Our internet service has been interrupted almost daily, sometimes for hours. What is the status?  We work from home, do we need to get another service?  Via chat, I have asked for a supervisor to call and explain, but no response.  How can we get an update?

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  • I'm having a similar service experience in Boman Acres in the Tulsa area. My personal theory is that the business reached a point where the large portions of infrastructure came due for an upgrade. Instead of upgrading, it became more cost effective to adopt a managed dissatisfaction strategy and only repair the most critical outages as needed. With a certain amount of population movement and limited competition, Cox can adopt a "burn and churn" customer strategy without much pushback.

    I routinely get 10-50% of the bandwidth I pay for, I'm fairly certain the node my neighbors and I are connected to is malfunctioning. Between 3 modems over 18 months and more increasingly frequent disconnects, something tells me it's not my equipment. I'm getting sick of not having an alternative provider. Working from home when I have an outage, I have to switch to my mobile phone network to continue working.

     Personally, I think Tulsa should look into starting a neighborhood-run municipal broadband initiative and build that out into a larger competing inter-city network. Feed the city of Tulsa consumer usage data and it's a win-win for the city. Doubt it will happen as long as Cox maintains adequate lobbying spending and community sponsorships. 

    Bottom line, Cox is in dire need of being checked. I never thought I'd hear myself say this but I really hope AT&T continues to expand it's Fiber service coverage area. I'd love to have another provider to go between, because in order to get reasonable service rates you have to ping pong between providers to get "new customer" rates. As if we had much of a choice becoming a Cox customer.

    Also what gives with the crappy upload on Gigablast? Seriously, I might upgrade if it offered what it should be. 

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      @TheIceSentinel. Your modem is up and running with a good signal and I do not see any unusual latency or packet loss. Are you experiencing this issue with multiple devices in the home or just one? Also, is this issue with a wired or wireless connection. Lastly, what speeds are you currently getting? -Allan, Cox Support Forums Moderator.
  • @Stonebriar User. I do not see any ongoing issue currently in your area and your modem is up and running with a good signal. What happens when you try to access the internet service? -Allan, Cox Support Forums Moderator.
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      Almost all of my outages, like right now (10:25 pm Fri) are validated with the network is down messages via Cox support.  2nd time today to reboot router.  
      (just came back up...again)

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        like right now (10:25 pm Fri)

        Sorry you're having outages.  That can be frustrating.  BTW, I'm just up the road from you and it's Thursday night here.  😃