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4 years ago

Tech visit appointment canceled without notice

After spending over an hour waiting and going in circle to schedule an appointment for a tech visit, I noticed recently (through the Cox app) that this appt was canceled without any notice or reasons. When I tred to re-schedule the same appt and asked rep via chat for an explanation as to why they had canceled my hard-scheduled appt in this manner, the agent (Kristina) asked irrelevant questions and made me wait several mminutes, only to drop the chat without providing any explanation or help to the situation. I've heard some horror stories of people experiencing less than par customer service interaction, but I never thought that this would apply to me (for being a new customer!). Clearly, I was wrong in all corners!! 

Why would a service provider, in their right state of mind, treat a customer in this manner? Cancellations can happen, but does Cox not have the least amount of descency to inform the customer? 

Cox, I'm sure you're reading this, along with thousands of dissatisfied customer complaints regarding the lack of real customer service and for showing continous incompetency by your support team!! You need to wake up and step up the game if you're serious about customer retention. 

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  • I'm sorry to hear this. If you still need help, please send us an email to

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