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5 years ago

T3 Timeouts and Constant Disconnects

I, once again, have to come to the forums as I have gotten mediocre support over the chat system/phone.

I created a post last week about having issues and had a tech come out on Wednesday. He told me that he "cleaned up" all the wires and that everything should be working and kept showing me how the connection was good. I asked what if it's not fixed, to which he sounded a bit offended and gave me a card to this cable company that I'm guessing deals with the cable at the pole?

Either way, I have replaced my modem and my router and still am getting timed out, while also having my upload speed run at 2.4mbps. I have said this in the ticket and I guess 2.4 mbps is normal even though I pay for 10? I need 6mbps upload speed to remote into my job's server, so having 2.4 always knocks me off the remote desktop session. I have expressed this to support today, since the tech told me to give the connection "a day to settle down" since he did a lot with the wires outside. The support agent I dealt with today was frustrating as they told me it was the fault of the router, even if the T3 timeouts were coming from the Modem. I told them I replaced the modem and router 4 days ago and I'm still having the same issue, to which they replied that I should get the modem/router remote support and that they would add it to my account for $5.95/mo. I said no and that was that conversation.

I don't understand why I am having issues getting a tech out. I've never been this frustrated with COX service before as they always were quick and helpful.  Now I can't even get a tech out here to actually help me. I've dealt with COX since 2009 and this is the first time I actually had an issue that hasn't been resolved after a full month of my first ticket.

Before anyone asks, I have one COAX cable that runs into the house that doesn't have a splitter.

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    Also, I have put the ethernet cord from one of the PCs into the modem, and I am still constantly getting 130 mbps down and 2.4 mbps up after restarting it. I've looked at the coax cable to see if it was bent, I went outside to make sure there wasn't any foliage near the cable, I changed out everything I possibly could, and I am still getting these results.