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5 years ago

T3 and T4 errors after Cox "Upgrade"

After this "upgrade" I keep getting T3 errors and even T4 errors and disconnecting every 20-30 minutes. I called Cox and they said they would send someone out to check it for a cost. I just got a new modem and router 2 weeks before and now I have this problem, the event log clearly shows it's something wrong with the tap or amplifier because all power levels and SNR are within acceptable ranges and I shouldn't be charged for that fix. A tech already came out earlier and said all my in house connections were fine, considering i'm not using any splitters and the modem is connected directly into the wall. 

This is getting very frustrating with this lack of service that I paid for and I dunno how much longer I wanna deal with this before I decide to go somewhere else. Is anyone else having the same issue and/or have a solution to this issue? 

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  • Hi Uriah93,

    I am sorry to learn of your chronic connection issues. I would like to confirm that any issue outside of your home or with the Cox equipment inside your home (cable boxes, leased modems, and eMTAs) is our responsibility and there is no charge for the visit. We want you to enjoy your services, so it is my hope you will reconsider and allow us to secure a follow up. Feel free to send us an email with your name and address to

    Cox Support Forum Moderator