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4 years ago

Switching between 2 WiFi networks

My internet is sporadic and Keeps forcing me to switch between 2 WiFi networks. I’m not even sure how I wound up with 2 but one will lose connection and force me to switch to the other one. This happens a minimum of 10 times a day. I’ve reset the modem but it didn’t help. I’ve ordered a new modem but doubtful that will fix the issue. This makes working from home impossible. 

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    forcing me to switch between 2 WiFi networks

    A WiFi network is 1 router or 1 intermediate router on the same network.  In other words, 1 network is 1 SSID.  Are you saying your device(s) switch to another person's, perhaps stronger, router?  There should be an option in your Network Setting to only connect to this network (your network).

    Or are you saying your device(s) are only on your WiFi but your device(s) keep changing frequencies, such as from 5 GHz to 2.4 GHz?  802.11ac routers can have 2 frequencies and if you're mobile within your house, the device(s) could negotiate for a less congested frequency.  That's normal.

    A new modem won't help your WiFi, unless you're replacing an all-in-one device (DOCSIS-WiFi) with another all-in-one.

    If your WiFi is weak, there are options to help.  What's the make/model of your WiFi and how far is it from your device(s)?