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4 years ago

Support calls/Forums for Internet, Phone, TV? How about all of the above?

I often have problems w/ all three of my Cox services (TV, ISP, Phone) simultaneously. This forum is a prime example. Cox has at least 3 different support directions/paths/choices. Which support channel/direction is best/fastest when I need help, or does it even matter?

BTW, I never use or monitor my Cox email address (b**** Can I add a secondary or tertiary email to my account to receive these notifications?


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    Which support channel/direction is best/fastest when I need help

    If you feel only Cox can help, it would be best to send an email to with the following:
     - Full Name
     - Complete Address

    Cox got out of the email business a few years ago but contracted a 3rd party to still provide service to existing accounts.  I just checked my Cox account and webmail...albeit briefly....and didn't see anything about secondary accounts.

    Why receive notifications?  Just visit us once-in-a-while.