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3 years ago

Sudden super high data use - is there an answer to over 500 gigs a day?

We are 70+ years old and do a lot of tv streaming thru Firestick. No gaming, old TV's and no 4k.  Our Cox data use was under the limit for over 5 years and now all of a sudden we have days showing over 400 and 550 gigs of use. Changed the wifi password on the router and called repeatedly to Cox's Complete Care.  Each tech said it's way too high for our use.  We have a rented modem from Cox but was told it is an old model that doesn't show what appliance is using the large data flow.  

Has anyone else had this problem?? We are going over to the local Cox shop to talk about a better modem today. Please comment if you have anything to share as this is making us nuts.

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    First, I would log into your Cox account and check your Data Usage charts to ensure it's true.  I've read posts of erroneous spikes and then later, the subscriber will report the spikes had disappeared from the charts.  Sometimes the measurements are off, the system will send a text and then correct itself.  Keep an eye on any corrections for the next couple days.

    Second, if Panoramic cannot provide the requester of the spikes (device), Cox should research the provider of the spikes (website).  This information should be in the metadata of their logs.

    I feel Complete Care failed you because this service should have notified you to upgrade your Panoramic to the latest and greatest. You're not only paying good money to rent, but also good money for Cox to care for you.

    This all reads too convenient for Cox.  Cox reports spikes but since you rent their older Panoramic, there is nothing you can do about it.