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4 years ago

Sudden high data usage?

All of a sudden my data usage has been stupid high. 5 days in and message I’ve used 50% of data plan. Only use 2 tv streaming, laptop, desktop and phone. Anyone else having this issue? Cox is not really helping  also have fire stick. 

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    Hi @Equestrian111

    There are numerous factors that impact data usage. I’d first suggest that you change your home network password to something new. We’ve heard from several customers recently, who—after noticing spikes in their data usage—were able to restore their data usage to what they considered ‘normal’ for their household simply by changing their network password. Have you checked all of your household devices for viruses and malware? Spyware running in the background can cause sudden spikes in data usage. Also make sure that when you are not using devices like, the Fire Stick, that they are not on. Those kinds of devices continue to use data often times even while they are in sleep mode or when your TV is turned off. Do you have your Panoramic Wifi Gateway?

    Ben S.
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