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5 years ago

Streaming to YouTube is intermittently working

I stream daily one or two times a day. In the past week or so it's been getting really bad to the point where today I had to cancel the stream after not being able to get it going at all.

I have 300/30 from Cox, I just reset my model 20 minutes ago and reset my computer and this was my speedtest that I just did.

Here are the upload speeds for my modem.

I am using OBS and I just downloaded Streamlabs OBS and they both are choppy as hell, I tried streaming from my laptop and that was also impossible to stream from.

Router is a Ubiquiti Edge Lite and I have no issues with it.

Cox is coming out tomorrow to check my signal which I'm sure will be fine, obviously, the issues happen during 8-10 my time in Arizona and I don't really stream any other time. Has anyone else had similar issues at all? My other internet works fine and I'm at a loss for what to do next.

I reset the computer, close down OBS and check for open tasks and shut them when they are there, I have reset my model and still had issues and this is going to affect my revenue which isn't a lot but its my living. Any help would be appreciated.

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