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Strange Issue: Router: Resolves Sites & Slow; Direct: Some Resolving, Mostly Not but Faster?

Here's an odd one!

I have gigabit but my old Asus AC56U router is crapping out and limiting me to 380Mb down.  

When connecting direct from PC to modem via Cat6 I was getting 880Mb.

I replaced the Asus with a Ubiquiti UDM Pro and got...180Mb? Yuck!

To troubleshoot, I did a direct connect to the cable modem and saw that the the speed was indeed 180-200Mb!  

What's more, most sites DON'T resolve.  Google, Yahoo, CNN, resolve. Ebay, Reddit, Amazon, Speedtest and Cox itself do NOT!

I used a mobile hot spot to contact Cox and they did something that got me to 580Mb direct, but still resolution issues.

Then the strangest thing: by putting my old Asus router back, everything resolved, but at 220Mb speed.  Moving back to direct to make sure I wasn't insane: 580Mb down and same resolution issues..

I checked the DNS on ethernet 2 and it is indeed Cox DNS servers.  The router does not have an alternate DNS setting, so it must be passing through Cox DNS server settings to the card.

The cable modem is showing some errors:

73050400: REG-RSP-MP Mismatch between Calculated Value for P1.6hi Compared to CCAP...

82001100 RNG-RSP CCAP commanded power exceeds value corresponding to the top of the DRW...

82001200 RNG-RSP CCAP Commanded power in ecess of 6db below the value corresponding to the top of the DRW.

4000950905 Configuration File Error - Bad parameter

4000951501 Provisioning Complete - Warnings

Any ideas on how to get full speed and have the full internet resolve and not just random sites?


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    Update: Tech was out here for 4 hours.  Through the modem his test gear hit 918Mb down, but put it on the PC, back down to 280Mb.  When he put his test gear back on the modem, it was also 280Gb.  

    He swapped out the modem, same thing. Then he could only get 600Mb down, then 180Mb down on his test kit.

    Up the pole he went and said that there is a tap problem and that maintenance will be out here Tuesday.  I can see where that may deal with the speed, but it doesn't explain DNS resolution issues.

    We put the old router back inline so that I can at least get 300Mb down and all sites resolving for now.  I'll update after maintenance troubleshoots the tap.

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    Final Update, I hope...

    Cox shut down my neighborhood and went up and down the streets doing something.  The flyer on the doorknob said "upgrades".  I am now getting consistent 850Mb, peaking at 897Mb down, 35-42 up.  No resolution issues, either.

    I still don't know what caused only half the internet to resolve, but whatever Cox did in the whole neighborhood helped!

    Thanks for all the advice!