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CPC ? Resolved?

Has anyone found resolution to CPC problem? I called COX several months ago and never found anyone experienced enough to help me resolve CPC issue. I keep getting robo- calls that terminate but my answer machine continues to record off-hook noise. I just can't imagine that COX equipment can'take support CPC?????

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  • Hello, it sounds like when you receive calls from these devices that your machine is not sensing the change in line current and continues to record.  Unsure if you machine would have any settings that may assist with resolving that issue.  Cox does have a feature if not added to your line already called "cut off on disconnect".  It's a no charge feature but know that our telephone department has been able to apply this to numbers in effort to help resolve this issue as well. If you would like for us to check to see if this feature ever was applied to your line.  Please contact us via email at Also you can reach us by private message on Facebook or DM on Twitter.  Just be sure to supply us your account name and full service address and a copy of this thread.