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6 years ago


No matter how many times I update my settings to disable promotional emails .. they will revert back to the default of "send me emails" I have talked to online reps who have even disabled them FROM YOUR END. yet for some reason this terrible communication company can't seem to get the hint. I. DONT. WANT. PROMOTIONAL. EMAILS.

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  • We can check on this for you. Please email our team at with your service address and a link to this thread for support.

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      I have done as you asked and copy and pasted the information from this thread into an email, then included my service address.. I hope we find a fix to this so that anyone experiencing these same symptoms can find relief.

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        they fixed it for me over a year ago.  i still get snail mail, but it's now a dribble.  it was irritating that they could get me with "buy more ** from us" but not any warning when maintenance, etc was being done in our area,....or when they planned to turn my world upside down!