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4 years ago

Splitters and modem power levels

  • Recommended downstream power levels are -7 dbmv to +7 dbmv
  • Recommended upstream power levels are
    35 dbmv to 49 dbmv
    (Modem manufacturer, Arris, recommends 45 dbmv to 51 dbmv)
  • I  have a necessary splitter that splits to my cable modem and to my tv.
  • Even after that split, my downstream power levels are peaking at 7+ dbmv and my upstream are below manufacturer recommendation.

I decided to see what the levels looked like after adding an additional splitter and it actually makes my levels more in the median of where I want them.

My question is: Should I leave it there, or do you think I'd be prone to problems?

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    First, a manufacturer doesn't provide the acceptable ranges of signal strength for your particular plan and device.  Only Cox provides these ranges.  If Arris provides one range and Cox another, you must refer to Cox.

    With the second splitter installed, you definitely lose downstream power by...what average of 4 dBmV and upstream by -3.6 dBmV.  However, I don't see any significant loss to your SNR.  Did you reset your error correction between swaps?

    If you're concern with power levels, keep the second splitter off.  Why'd you install it?

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      Well i lost downstream power and gained upstream power.  Was trying to center everything