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5 years ago

Split Node

I have been having ongoing issues with cox since I got Cox as my isp, nothing but trouble from billing to internet issues, at the moment is unusable, my question is that is a split node what I need right now, well I replaced my modem, I had both versions of the panoramic wifi gateway, 3 different routers, over 2 dozen techs, 4 ethernet cable changes, and yet nothhing has been fixed, all games packetloss and stutter, not my pc, I replaced my old network card with a new one twice, ive spent a ton of money on all this equipment and no results to show, so now i am asking does cox do split nodes? if so when can it be done for me, i have watched and read people that have the same issues as me do everything i did but when they got a split node the issues were gone. Last question to the people that haad the split node done, did it work? is it worth it?

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    I think you're confused as to what a node split is. It's not something that's done for a single house but for an entire area when the node gets over-saturated. The entire process usually takes at least months, costs tens of thousands of dollars, and involves tons of planning and testing. It's definitely not something you can request to have done. 

    Even if your node is in the progress of being split, their level 1 phone support is told not to reveal anything to the customer, since lots of things can fall through or be delayed. Maybe if you keep escalating and non stop complaining you can get someone to informally tell you about the status of the local node. Even then, you'll have no influence on the outcome. 

    If you do eventually get the node split, your internet issues will almost certainly be alleviated to some extant. Unfortunately, you've wasted the money spent on equipment upgrades, and I'd advise you to switch ISPs if you live somewhere where it's possible.  

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      all I got it cox, and thanks for the info. All games have had packetloss and lag for the 3 years i have been with cox, a tech is coming tomorrow but I really really doubt anything will get fixed.

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      Thank you for this information, that is what I was thinking. I have been complaining for two years about my over saturated node with no results so an ISP switch is really my only solution. 

  • I am interested to hear about split node as well. I literally had a tech at my place on Saturday last weekend who told me the network is overloaded on my node. No amount of line boosters, modem, gear, or anything would correct that problem. Ive been battling this for two years now myself and have invested hundreds of hours into phone calls with tech support (complete waste of time, do not call them with complex issues like this), trying different line boosters, modems, routers, you name it. At the end of the day its my node and cox's network which is unable to handle the volume of traffic on the node due to over selling bandwidth in the neighborhood. Essentially Cox has adopted the airline model, oversell everything and pray you are not the guy that checked in late online and now lost your seat. 

  • There seems to be a lot of people having this problem with oversaturation on nodes(insufficient infrastructure). I've been trying to get this solved for over 7 months, bought 4 different modems with no avail. Had 5 techs out and over 30 calls to cox. Filled a FCC complaint and the next day told me they were not planning on upgrading the infrastructure in my neighborhood this year. I'm sadly paying $100 a month for internet that I can only watch videos or browse the web on. I'm assuming they don't really care about people that rely on a quality stable connection to compete.

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      File a complaint to the BBB, your attorney general, congressman, and senators. FCC is not enough, Get neighbors to complain and file complaints as well.... Cox needs to and will be held accountable for their failure pre coronavirus, and even more during.... Spread the word, every complaint, call, etc adds up and helps!

  • I found something interesting, all my packet loss is coming from 3PL cox uses to route internet. Have you done any trace routes to see where your packet loss comes from?