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5 years ago


My plan is supposed to be getting up to 10mbps for upload speeds but for some reason, even with a wired ethernet connection, i'm barely getting up to 3-4. Lately, my download speeds have been tanking as well, compared to how it used to be just a couple of weeks ago. Can anybody help? I also try to use the online chat but it keeps directing me to the speed test tool which doesn't help me, I would like to speak to an actual person on the chat, not some bot with no answers.

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    Had same Issue and then went away, idk what to tell you.

  • Hi IzG. Unless there is an issue in your area, slow upload speeds normally indicate an issue that requires a service call to resolve. We'd be happy to check to see if there is an issue in your area or set one up. To get help, please contact us via Facebook Messenger, Twitter DM or and include this link along with your complete address and name on the account. Thanks, Lisa- Cox Support Forums Moderator