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So who all has issues with their speeds not being consistent or instead just losing connection to the internet completely? I find myself driving up my cellphone bill more often then not since I have to rely on my cellphones internet to do most things at home since the connection from COX seems to not work most of the time. I know I have talked to a group of people from work that also have a facebook thread talking about this same issue with their speeds and connections constantly going out only to be told it is their cable modem so they buy a new one only to have the same issue. I myself have done this in the past a few times as well and it gets old. I had to sign a contract for internet service just a few months back and I do the exact same stuff with my internet as I did before and sometimes even less (sometimes by choice other times since internet is down) I feel like I definitely dont want to pay more for the same terrible service it seems I keep getting. But the Internet rates seem like they constantly go up and we get less for it. I have been made to feel like I am not worth having as a customer by customer service many times when getting an attitude that seems like "well if you dont like it go somewhere else" .  Anybody else get the same kind of issues or feeling that COX really doesn't care about their customers at all? Seems like more and more they just care about the next swindle they can pull to get more money and give less.

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    I'm sorry to hear you've been experiencing connection problems. I checked the modem from this end and so far nothing unusual stands out. Can you try testing a wired connection and see if there is any difference in speed?

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    are you using cox equipment exclusively or providing your own??