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6 years ago

Speed Test

I recently upgraded from 30Mbps to 100 Mbps 3 days ago but my several speed tests on different devices show 35-40Mbps speed. I have called tech support and they asked me to do the basic stuff like restarting my router and laptop, clear cache, etc but nothing made any difference. Finally she said if I can signup for a monthly service, she can have more experienced tech staff look at the issue. The problem is at Cox and it is ridiculous that they are asking me to pay for monthly service to get them look at the issue. Anyone can help with the speed issue please?

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  • I'm supposed to have 300 download 35 upload and I have 34 download and 27 upload. You definitely aren't getting what you paid for (neither am I)

  • Hi Supcust543, do you have a router currently connected to your modem? If so, the device is not Gigabit-compatible and may be impacting your speed. Please connect the modem to a computer with an Ethernet cord and power-cycle the modem (unplug/replug the power). Then log in to with your primary Cox User ID and run the Internet Tools Speed Test Tool as explained in the article at Run the test a few times and let us know the results! -Becky, Cox Support Forums Moderator