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4 years ago

Speed issue

I'm not going to lie... I have the 300 mb and the 30 upload and I am receiving 150 download and 1.1 upload... I spin when I put my webcam on for work and present. This needs to be fixed...... do I need to upgrade??? 

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    Negative on the upgrade. The issue is likely one of two items. One, you are connecting to the internet through Wi-Fi which, sad to say, even if you are right next to the router you will still get terrible speeds especially in a high populase area such as an apartment complex. To fix this I suggest getting a Cat6E cable to span the distance. Secondly, it might be the DNS server you are connecting to. I highly suggest manually changing it to and alternately These are the IP addresses for Google's DNS servers and they are some of the fastest in the US. To do this simply go to your network settings on your pc and click "Change adapter settings". From here you will right click on the connection method and go to properties. Scroll down to Internet Protocol (TCP/IPv4) and double click. On the lower portion of the dialog box select "Use the following DNS server addresses" and enter the previously mentioned IP's in the boxes. Click OK and you are done. 

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    what else is being accessed, while the webcam draws lots of resources, you're probably still using ms xp also!!