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3 years ago

Spam from Cox?

How much spam do people get from Cox?

I was curious about another post concerning alias addresses.  This portion is nonessential but I looked into my account, and Cox only has an option for an Alternate Email address but no aliases or disposable addresses.  This curiosity is closed but my looking created another.

First, my email is fine.  I never receive spam to my Inbox and my filters to redirect the relentless spam from 3 addresses to the Trash work.  I always get the "Your Bill is Now Available" email but other than this, I do not recall getting any spam from Cox.  Again, my email is spam-free and fine.

However, while in my email settings...

My Profile > Contact Preferences > Email Addresses

...there is notice under my Primary Contact Email address for "Email Verification Pending" with a link to "Resend Email Verification."  (It probably had read "Send" at 1 time.)

I clicked the link, received an email from to "Validate Your Email Address" with a graphical link to "Continue" but first...I had to read it.  Right?

"Validating your email address will ensure you receive important information and updates regarding your Cox account.  This validation request will expire in 48 hours."

Important Information and Updates?

How does Cox define "information"?  I'm already getting information regarding my account (Statements, confirmations of orders, replies from Cox Help).  The only one I didn't get...even though most subscribers had also received it via alternate means...was the 250 Reset email.

I'm not complaining about not having received the 250 Reset because it actually would NOT have been important to me due to my router only having an FE port.  If Cox needed my validation or permission or consent to send an important "Buckle Up For More Speed" email, perhaps Cox also didn't feel it was important.  There are also no banners on my account or under the section of my Internet Equipment or Bell notices for the 250 Reset.  I don't think this email would have actually been "important" and, after all, there would have been no self-imposed DoS if I didn't reset.  And who determines any information would be "important"...important to whom?

I just feel it's a deceptive opt-in for something else, such as marketing, solicitations, junk, etc; therefore, do people often get this from Cox?  I just deleted the Resend Email Verification message.

Link of graphical link:
Interesting lookup of graphical link: