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6 years ago

Spam Filter

Since the new "enhanced" email started, I no longer get to choose what is spam and what is not. The system automatically puts whatever messages it considers spam into the spam filter. This results in  sometimes missing items that are not spam and I have to search the spam filter to make sure nothing important is in there. Is there any way to change this so that I get total control over spam in my own email? Thanks.

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  • Hello,

    You can change the options for how the emails are handled. For instance, you can create a rule for a sender to be delivered to your inbox thus circumventing the spam settings. You can find these rule settings under the settings menu once you open an email.


    Allan - Cox support Forums Moderator.

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    Do I have to do this for each separate sender? There are a lot of them as a result of this arbitrary new spam filter. Is there any way to totally disable the spam filter instead?

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    It appears that there are a number of issues with Cox email servers in the manner in which their filters work. Some Filters will simply not combine. For example, if you have a vacation filter listed, and, Added Filter(s), everything is disabled. I therefore don't find it surprising that there are no scripts on the conditional logic of these filters settings, because they are a disaster.

  • Hi Parakeet49,

    Creating contacts for each email address you receive mail from will reduce the likelihood that the email will be marked as spam.

  • Hi Loaded4th,

    Have you checked the option to process subsequent rules after applying the Vacation filter?

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    I hate the new "enhanced" email. I also get many personal emails sent to spam folder and there's no reason they should go there. I'm getting tired of finding important emails there that don't belong there. In the previous email version I deleted the spam folder so ALL email went to my inbox because just as it still does in this current version- personal emails were going to spam. I also have my settings set for no spam filtering. 

    Is there a way to completely delete the spam folder so that ALL emails go to inbox?

    I have more complaints but will make a separate post for that.

  • Hello vlkinspotsy, Please check all filers and rules as they may be listed to send them to spam. If issues remain a work around for now if you have no spam settings set, would be to set up a rule to forward all emails in the spam folder to your inbox.