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4 years ago

Slow wifi

I recently purchased the gigabyte internet service from cox. My download speed wired is 400mbs and over wifi is 100mbs. I have a new modem/router the nighthawk ax6000. These speeds seem very slow to me. I reset and trouble checked all lines. Do you think this is a cox issue (internet provider) or an issue with my modem/router?

Thanks in advance

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  • @Luck7, Have you tried accessing the nighthawk app? If so, what speeds does it show? -Allan, Cox Support Forums Moderator.
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    During your speedtests, do you directly wire your device to the WAN port of your modem?  If WiFi is 100 Mbps, how many other devices are simultaneously using your network?

    Cox will only provide 1 Gbps to your modem.  Of that 1 Gbps, you'll lose 10% to network overhead.