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5 years ago

Slow upload speed with download just about what I pay for

For the last 3 weeks I noticed my download speed has been between 240 280 and upload speed

between 3-12.  I pay  for 300/30 and the trending speed has always been 320-340 down

30-32 up. 

Lately It changes through out the day and will return to the normal 330 down 31 up.

I called for a tech and  for 2 days prior to arrival everything was working fine again.  I cancelled Tech.

The following day my speeds where slow again.  I called and made another appointment.

The same thing happened.  The day of arrival my speed was back to normal but this time

I did not cancel the appointment.   The tech took some measurements inside my house and looked

at all my equipment.   Since everything was working all he could confirm is inside the house wiring

and equipment was good and the problem was outside.   My signal levels where within spec

but he replaced a 3 way splitter with one that had less loss for the internet.   My signal levels

for download now are right in the center of the plus/minus acceptable range.  He did not seemed

concerned with my upload power levels.  His thoughts where to give me a little more margin

should levels change feeding my house.    A few days later the slow download/upload speeds

where noticed again.   I thought the Tech said he was going to fill out a ticket to look at the lines

outside my house but I am not sure.  

I called COX told them the Tech said I was good inside my house and I wanted it on record the problem

has returned and I will be requesting credit for the amount of days the problem continues.

Where do we go from here?