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4 years ago

Slow speeds with CM1000 Modem

Hi there. As of yesterday I had a tech provision my new Netgear CM1000 modem. I am currently paying for gigabit but with this modem I am only getting 300-400 download. With the pano modem I was getting 900+ but it kept having issues with bridge mode so I just decided to buy my own (and also save money on the bill). Any ideas what might be wrong? These are from the stats pages on the modem if this is any help: Images

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    I've checked the modem signal levels and they aren't up to spec. Try reseating both ends of the coax cable also check the conductors and make sure they're not bent.

    Jonathan J
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    what issues with bridge mode, using disables wi-fi?

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      It doesn't matter.  Pano is gone.  Bridge Mode is gone.  OP wrote "modem" 5 times.  OP wrote "router" and "WiFi" 0 times.

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        thanks + that's the price of taking advice of "provide your own modem/router" from so many here!