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4 years ago

Slow, intermittent and no internet connection

Starting about a week ago my internet connection has been awful. Speed was around 400 Mbps and now fluctuates from that to down to Kbps speeds. At times the connection is totally lost and them comes back a few minutes later. Chatting with Cox agent and he told me this was due to more people using their service due to more people working from home. I don't think this is the problem.

Hoping Cox will read this and respond with some useful help.

Jim T

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    It can be a multitude of issues, from noise, congestion, ingress, downed line, backfeeding houses, etc. or can be all of the above, you have to make a FCC complaint, and contact the escalation team, to get something done, cause just calling them and chatting will not work, unless you plan on calling every other day.

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    Hi Trif,

    I do apologize that you are having an issue with the internet connection. Are you using WiFi at this current time? Also, where is the router located? We can look into this further by looking at the signal on your account. To do so please send us an email at with your account details and a link to this forum. -Xavier