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Slack not accessible

For a few days now, I can't connect to Slack to login via their web interface. I can't even access It just times out. All other sites I normally use work fine. Using the tracepath utility, I see that packets for Slack never make it out of Cox's network. They never make it past some gateway All other sites show some * gateway computer before leaving Cox's network.

I've reset my modem a couple of times, checked my speed (which is fine) and checked numerous other sites. Everything works but Slack. 3 different browsers can't connect.

It's very strange, and the problem is definitely not with the network inside my house, since everything else works fine.

Does anyone have any ideas?

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    Hi Asterix, I am unable to duplicate this issue at the moment, and I was able to access on Google Chrome and Internet Explorer. Can you please clear the cookies and cache from your web browser? Also, does this issue occur on multiple browsers and devices in the home? Here's a link that provides information on our minimum operating system requirements:

    -Kevin M. Cox Support Forum Moderator
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      Multiple devices, multiple browsers didn't work. Tracepath clearly showed the issue was somewhere outside my LAN, inside Cox's system.

      However, this morning, magically Slack is back so the issue is moot. At least for now.