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2 months ago

Should I still keep my cox email address?

Our Thunderbird is set up with 2 email accounts - Gmail & Cox cable. Actually 3 as my wife also uses TB for her Cox emails. Cox is moving over to Yahoo. Not a fan of Yahoo. Eventually I will either set up another Gmail account (cox was for subscriptions or when a business needs an email address) and my has a Gmail already, but she does not use TB for that as for her Cox is her main email.

So can I delete our Cox emails thru Cox web email site without losing our emails currently in TB?
And will that mess things up as TB sends and receives email from cox cable?

Any tips and suggestions much appreciated.

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    Your best option is to set up a new email and transfer all emails over to the new email account. Once the migration happens, the emails from cox will still arrive, but if you delete the email, you will need notify us with an updated email for notifications. Please let us know if this helps .