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4 years ago

Severe packet loss

Starting 2 months ago, I started having issues with my internet. It just randomly started dropping all devices hard wired and wireless that were connected. It got to the point where as I couldn't even watch television as the apps would close in error from the drops. In the past 3 weeks I have had 5 techs, including a supervisor, come into my home. They each identified the problem was coming from the tap outside of my home and also the neighborhood tap around the corner from my home. 3 bucket trucks have also come to work on the taps but nothing has changed. The next tech that comes to my house still reads over 2% packet loss and signal spiking. One concerned tech even took a picture of the tap in front of my house which has been leaning for months. A pipe is cracked and he says the signal is leaking from it is the problem. He also says the bucket truck techs don't like to do that job because it is a hard one to do. It requires digging. Dont know what to do because Cox is the only ISP in Orleans Parish. AT&T is here but they only offer the very slower DSL in the parish.

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