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4 years ago

Severe latency and packet loss for over a month

I'm embarrassed that I even need to take my issues to a forum at this point, but I've had ongoing issues for over a month and no one is able to assist.

My issues began over a month ago, and I have now spoken to close to 15 different tech support agents on the phone, two supervisors, one person from complete care, one person from billing, and had three different technicians dispatched onsite. None of which, have ever been able to identify and resolve my issue. Each person for the most part, has stated that it was "100% this issue" and that they solved it. However, the issues still persist and I recently had someone on the phone tell me that there were no issues going on and hung up on me.

My issues first started when I noticed some pretty crazy latency/lag spikes during work hours and in a game I play. I ran some simple pings out to Google and was seeing 400-500ms returns at times. From there, I ran traceroutes out to Google and other sites as well, and was seeing some pretty horrendous packet loss. Calling tech support, they rebooted my modem and said if problems keep happening, to call back and they'll figure it out.

Later that night, problems started happening again with the same symptoms. High latency, and dropped packets on simple traceroutes. Called into tech support the next day, and the person said that the issue was 100% a bad network cable as I am hard connected via ethernet straight into the modem. I informed the technician that even during my worst of traceroutes, I have never seen a dropped packet on the first hop going TO the modem. In any case, I swapped cables and still had issues. So they recommended that the new cable was also bad. So I pulled and made my own cable, tested it, and still had problems. So this is where they scheduled the first technician to come onsite.

During the first onsite, the technician ran tests on the line coming into the house, the tap, anything he could think of at the time. Everything was coming back normally, but when running an ingress test on the line in the home that was running to my bedroom, he said it had very bad noise on it. This is the line that the modem was currently on, so I understand the diagnosis. So we disabled that line, and moved the modem into the guest bedroom. Which is very unfortunate, because I now run a 30ft cat6 from my computer into that room. He stated that this was the only issue, and then left after we moved it into the new room. I asked him if they were allowed to re-run that cable for me, and he stated that Cox does not touch those, and I will need to call an electrician if I wanted to re-run it. Shortly after he left, problems started happening again.

Called back into tech support and let them know everything up to this point. This is where I was transferred 6 times, and once I finally got a stable technician, I informed them to not reboot my modem as I had already done that and was running something for work. Well, they did anyways and then hung up. So I called back, and asked to speak to a supervisor and filled them in on everything happening. Thankfully, the lady was extremely nice and seemed like they wanted to help. When I told her about the noisy line, she told me that if I purchased Cox Complete Care, they would be able to re-run that line for me and get it taken care of. So naturally, I purchased it. She also sent another technician onsite to investigate the issue more. She also said she would put a ticket in with their internal networking team to investigate routing issues, which the ticket somehow disappeared and no one could find a trace of it.

The next technician who came onsite, was extremely nice. We ran all the same tests the previous technician had, and found no issues there at the time. After that, he went out to the tap at the end of street, and said 100% there were issues there causing my problems. He put a ticket in internally for repair on the tap and gave me a ticket number to track. After two or three days, I called in to check the status of that ticket, and they said it was completed. But once again, later that night, issues were still happening and seemed to be worse than normal.

I called back into tech support, did the normal ring around the rosie routine, and didn't get anywhere. After being on hold for over 2 hours, the call was dropped during a transfer. Now that I had complete care, I called them instead and they stated they were going to "get another person on the line as well so the two of them could tackle the issue together." But, they sent me back to the normal tech support. So why am I paying for something that's going to transfer me back to the normal line if I didn't have it. Regardless, tech support couldn't help and I asked to speak to a supervisor. They sent me over to billing for some reason. The person I spoke to there, was one of the nicest people so far I've spoken to and one of the most willing to help. He stated he would do what he could, and scheduled another technician to come onsite. He stated that while they were here, they would re-run the line in my home/walls to start so I could move the modem back to my room, and also replace the modem to rule that out as a possibility regardless of anything else that was found.

The next tech that came onsite, was definitively the best person in this whole experience. After replacing the modem, we started to see the same problems with latency, but to no extreme as normal. He also told me that they were not allowed to touch that wiring in the walls, and that I would need an electrician and the person who scheduled it on their side told him something different. So now the supervisor lied to me, just to sell me on getting complete care. After the technician left, I called back in and stated I was still having problems. The person on the phone said it was possibly the modem. I told them that I rented one from them, and it was just replaced by an onsite technician. They informed me that their modems are just really bad, so it might be that still and that I should purchase my own and see if that fixes the problem. So if that's true, are you knowingly renting people modems that have severe issues that are normal to have latency and connection issues? They also told me, that if it doesn't resolve the issue that the problem is just that my node is extremely flooded and congested, and there would be no resolution unless they could split the tap

This morning, my issues are worse than normal and haven't cleared up yet. So in total, it's been over a month with extreme problems that impact both of my jobs at home. I've had multiple people tell me it's definitively one thing, and then another tell me that they were incorrect and it's something else entirely. No one has been able to resolve this issue, and I was finally told that it's probably just a really heavily crowded node and no one would be able to fix it. So if this is true, I am paying for 1G speeds and never see anywhere near that, and the service is completely unreliable at times. All I've ever wanted, is for this to be escalated to someone who can actually help and figure this out.

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    Just a small update from today, Cox has confirmed that the issue is 100% on their end. They also state that a "completion of the resolution" should be some time in 2021.

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      Take it up with the FCC :)

      That got them off their lazy butts for me. They tried to give me this same BS "it'll be fixed next year" and well, that's not acceptable. I pay for this service.

      Sic the FCC on them.

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        It's kind of ridiculous at this point, and they've had no problem charging me for service that I am not receiving.