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28 days ago

Setting up Cox email to run on Android Email App

I successfully setup Outlook to receive Cox email (through Yahoo) using the instructions I found in another forum. I also wanted to be able to continue using the Android App on my phone to receive Cox email and not have to use the Yahoo mail app, as it is full of Ads. The Android App didn't work anymore after the Cox email transition to Yahoo. I followed the same instructions as I did for Outlook:

  1. I got a temp password from Yahoo.
  2. I deleted my account in the Android App and started over.
  3. I used the temp password.
  4. Used the 993 and 465 ports.

It didn't work. Does anyone have a suggestion?

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  • Hello DawgFan, glad to see that you were able to locate some information that helped you with the concerns setting you your account through outlook on Yahoo's server.  They may also be able to help you with the concerns regarding your app.  You can always visit or call Yahoo Support at 1-866-562-7250 for assistance when needed. 

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      Useless information. I go to, type "Cox" into search field, and it says "Sorry, no results were found."