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2 years ago

Sending emails

Is anyone having an issue with sending an email? When I checked my email preferences, it says the out going mail os offline. It was working fine this afternoon but the evening it's not. I use a Mac and iPhone. Does anyone know how to fix this?

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    The following Webmail error occurs when trying to send email:

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    it's a known issue with macmail. You can do what I do, and use outlook on your mac, OR, ensure outbox is empty, go into smtp advanced settings, and turn off auto settings, and manually set it to SSL authentication required, and port 465.

    Until APPLE fixes this known problem with macmail, it's gonna happen from time to time. Searching "how do i fix my email offline on mac" should return over 50 million hits. 

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      If webmail is down, isn't it reasonable to assume something is wrong with the servers? I know there is a Apple Mail problem too, but I think OP's issue is different.

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        He's not using webmail.