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3 years ago

Second cable line from pole to second lot?

My wife and I work from home and have considerable bandwidth needs. I currently subscribe to gigablast but would like more bandwidth (especially upload). We are willing to pay for multiple cable internet services (mainly because we don't yet have Fiber in our area) but after speaking with multiple Cox salespeople, no one seems willing to let us pay to have a second cable line run to our house from the pole. I want Cox to take my money and they won't. 

We have a second lot attached to our main lot, with a separate address. Can we activate a new service at this separate address, and pay to have the cable run to our garage which is partially located in the second lot?

Or is it possible to set up a faster business internet service at a residential address? Please let me know our options, because the salespeople apparently can't come up with anything to sell me.

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