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2 years ago

SB8200 High Number of uncorrectables on channel 159


I have a Gigablast service and only that. I have the line from the street going straight to the jack where my SB8200 modem is, no other cable jacks are connected and no splitters are in place. It in turn goes to a Eero 6+ router. I've had this setup this way since at least 2020 (other than I had an older TPLink Deco router which I replaced recently). Lately I've been getting the occasional random disconnect from my work VPN requiring me to reboot my work computer to be able to reconnect. I contacted our tech support area and they said to check the router and my ISP.

I've looked in the log for the SB8200 and there is nothing however I did notice that channel 159 has a high number of uncorrectables. I've also seen from time to time the modem light will turn from Blue to orange (i think indicating switching from DOCSIS 3.1 to 3.0). Any ideas what I can look to do to trouble shoot or is this going to require a tech to come out? 

It happened today and nothing in the event log but here is the status on the mode at present. Seemingly no other devices are impacted when this issue occurs with my work PC.

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    Low SNR on the OFDM channel (downstream channel 159) is probably causing the uncorrectables. OFDM is for DOCSIS 3.1 that is why the light switches. I would bypass the router for a hour and see if the VPN is still effected. If so, schedule a technician.