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2 years ago

San Diego 92115 area Fiber (FTTP) connection coming soon? ETA?

Anyone knows is there an ETA for when Cox Fiber connections are coming to San Diego area 92115? It's been 10 years+ I 've been looking for Fiber but to no available.

Can't get ATT fiber here neither.  Right now I have Cox Gigablast with Coaxial, but the upload 35Mbps is not enough for my work in 2023, I just want a Fiber with higher than 35Mbps upload.

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    I can't help you with an answer.

    Just to build my understanding of the use case, why sorts of applications/work require a faster upload than 35Mbps? My wife and I can both be on camera on Microsoft Teams with no issues with 10-12 up (500 down). 


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      Upload  a lot of videos, which requires more Upload bandwidth.  Also, there are other benefits of using a Fiber line instead of the old Coaxial, so there's more to just the Upload bandwidth.

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    I saw your post in DSLReports which made my post redundant, so I deleted it. I see that you got some info from Luke. He is a really knowledgeable guy. Good luck on your quest for fiber.

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      Yea he did, but then he stopped responding now.