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5 years ago

Router Upgrade Issues

I upgraded my Mom's router with a NetGear AC1200 wireless router I bought at Walmart. The Cox modem she has is the DSA321N.  I powered off the modem and router and brought up modem first, then router. The modem will not connect to the new router no matter what.  No ethernet or wifi now. Does Cox have to sync them up or something?

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    Did you call COX with the MAC address of the new router? I don't believe your router will work on the network without the MAC address. being in the system. I'm about to upgrade to an Arris Touchstone TG2472 (which is on the COX approved modem list). When I return the COX equipment to my local COX store, I will give the COX representative a copy of my MAC address off of the paperwork that came with the modem in the box.

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      Hi Gentle_zoom. We only require the MAC ID for the modem as this is the device that gets the signal from us. Thanks, Lisa - Cox Support Forums Moderator