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4 years ago

Reset Modem

For 3 days now I can’t reset modem using Cox app OR Cox website OR anyone at Cox.  I have a MB7621 & I have used the “Reset Modem” option in the app many times.  I don’t have an issue rebooting my ASUS Router using the ASUS app so the problem is NOT on my end.

I have deleted the app; cleared my cache; hard reset; reinstall app; I AM ON YOUR WIFI; still I get:

“Something went wrong .....try again later.”

Been like that for 3 days.  WHY!

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    Hi @Spinach01,

    I want to make sure that we are clear on the issues because it sounds like there are two issues. One is that the Cox app does not work for you when trying to reset the modem and it says "something went wrong...".. The second issue is that when you reach out to us, we are not able to reboot your modem either nor are you able to do it on the Cox website. Is this correct?

    Ben S.
    Cox Support Forums Moderator