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4 years ago

Requirements for SMTP sending when using out-of-cox domain "from" address

About a month ago my Thunderbird email client started receiving error messages when sending email through cox SMTP.

I am sending using a "from" address other than our cox adress (at another domain).

Sometime back I setup an SPF record in my domain zone file to support this and it has worked well until a month ago.

Here's the relevant message regarding the error:

There was a problem with the sender's domain.
Your email failed authentication checks against your sending domain's SPF, DomainKeys, or DKIM policy.

I can't find any detail on these requirements.

Can anyone tell me the *exact* requirements for this setup?


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    i tried using the smtp server address of various hotels + our comcast internet-email/tv at summer house(when i could get it from hotel staff) & still couldn't send, able receive fine thru outlook2010 imap.

    good luck.