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4 years ago

Replacing Panoramic and keeping TVs working

I get horrible coverage in a 2,000 sqft house with the Panoramic WiFI usng 3 pods. 

So I tried to replace the Panoramic with a seperate modem and mesh network system using Cox's online capability, but it said it was not supported (FYI, it is supported). 

So I called into technical support and it took 45 min to get them on line, and then was told that only the "Loyality Department" can assign a new modem.  So I waited for 20 more min and then was hung up on.   

After 4 hours of tryng to get to the loyality department, I finally got them on line and was then informed my cable boxes would not work without the Panoramic WiFi.  

My question is, can I use the Panaromic in the "Bridge Mode" with my new mesh system and still have the TVs work?  I have read that once you activate pods that you can't even put the Panaromic into the Bridge mode.  

I would call Tech support but don't really want to wait on hold again....any help would be appreciated.

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    While it is true that some have gotten it to work it is not designed to work this way. Any wifi receivers you have would ideally need to be replaced with traditional boxes. Generally speaking the bridge mode feature of that device isn't supported and has been reported to be unreliable for many. Purchasing a dedicate modem only device designed to work with a router would be ideal.