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5 years ago

Recently Cox forcibly upgraded me.

As the title says, I was recently "upgraded" by Cox.
What it turns out that actually entailed was consistent downtimes that I shouldn't be paying for.  

How hard could it possibly be to run an internet service that provides *** internet to the people that pay you literal hundreds of dollars a month? 

SRSLY... I pay you $100 a month to give me internet, just give me that. I dont care if anything else drops out. You have 1 job and you have managed to *** it up 4 times in less than 2 weeks of service...

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    Note: I honestly don't really care if it's storm season, you have been around for plenty of them. *** learn how to plan!

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    Hello Cimurph,

    Thank you for reaching out to Cox Forum Support. I truly apologize that the services are not working properly. So that we can take a look into your account. Please send an email with this forum link, your full name, and address to We will reply back once we receive the email. Thanks

    Cox Forum Support