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4 years ago

Re-validate webmail ????

I received an email from: Provider IT Tech as follows:

Your Cox! Web mail version is outdated and has expired.
Failure to Upgrade to the newest Cox! Web mail now will result in a permanent account closure.
According to provision 17.8 of Terms and Conditions, Cox! Web mail may at any time terminate its services for accounts.
Visit ITS Help-Desk Here To re-validate your mailbox .
Note: Failure to comply with 24 hrs might lead to permanent deactivation.
Thank you!
Cox! Web mail

How do I RE-VALIDATE???? Is this legit??? I have no idea what I am expected to do. FWIW I am using OUTLOOK 2016 as my email client. Thanx.

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    It's not legit.  A scuzzball wrote it...a scuzzball sent it...and a scuzzball is baiting you to click a link.

    Why is the name "Cox" exclamatory?
    How does a subscriber update webmail?
    There is no provision 17.8 in a Terms and Conditions.

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    @Bruce, @WiderMouthOpen This is mostly unrelated to OP's post, but I watched an episode of "America's Book of Secrets" on History Channel the other night entitled "Big Bother is Watching" that I think you might find interesting. 

    Near the first of the program, the narrator says something like "There are those that believe in the existence of a book...".  All it takes for the complete statement to be true is for someone at History Channel to have told a couple of hard core conspiracy theorists that it exists.  For the record, I'm not a believer.  Keep in mind this program is from the same people that brought us "Ancient Aliens", stories about Bigfoot, etc.  But, some of it could be real.  (Hello, NSA ). 😒

    It's currently available On Demand: TV > TV Networks > Networks H-M > History > America's Book HD > America's Book Secrets S1 Ep09 HD     

    I'd be interested in hearing what you think.

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        The title of the program is "America's Book of Secrets: Special Edition".  The complete narrator's statement is "There are those that believe in the existence of a book, a book that contains the most highly guarded secrets of the United States of America.  A book whose very existence is known to only a select few".  You can probably see where I got the the conspiracy theorists part.  The "book of secrets" is History Channel nonsense, but some of the things referenced in the program could be real.