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2 years ago

Range of Panoramic gigablast

I have a combo modem/router/phone Panoramic Gigablast. My  house is two-story +/-2,300 sf and the wifi and internet signal won't reach the 2nd floor. Is there an extender or additional router that can be successfully added to this system?

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    Pods are a good option if you are tied to the pano modem. By that I mean, if you are using the wifi cable boxes.  If not, then the idea the other person suggested is a good idea. Also, you can do what I did, and using a TP-link powerline extender with both ethernet and WiFi. I have the receiver upstairs in my other computer room, with the ethernet connected to the computer, and the WiFi programmed with the same SSID my WiFi modem uses and it is basically a mesh network that way. Bout 90$ works great!