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5 years ago

Random upstream power spikes / Internet drops

I'm getting random internet drops due to fluctuating upstream power levels. Most of the time my upstream levels are fine (4 channels between 38-48db). 3-4 times a day at random times they will jump into the upper 50s and the internet times out for a few minutes, then the power levels return to normal. This is very annoying because me and my family due alot of online gaming with party chat on xbox and it cuts me off from everyone and disconnects me from the game. I have tried many different combinations of amps and/or splitters on the main coax line coming into the house to get the signal levels right and its always the same issue with the upstream power so i dont think its a problem on my end. I have a CM1000 modem.

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    Hi Warren3000, I am detecting signal issues with the modem at this time. As WiderMouthOpen stated, sending a service technician out to the home may be the best course of action. I would also recommend verifying that all connections are tightly fastened and damage-free. Please don't hesitate to include a link to this forum thread and email us at, for additional support. -Kevin M. Cox Support Forum Moderator
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      The Problem has been fixed. 2 Nice young men arrived (Seemed like one was new and the other was training him). They replaced the coax connectors at both ends of the cables (modem side and main connection outside the house). I couldn't believe the difference such a simple fix made. I used to get several hundred uncorrectables on each of the 32 download channels per day plus the upstream power spikes and also all kinds of warnings on the modem log. My modem has been running for 24 hours now and have 0 uncorrectables on every channel, no more spikes and not one thing on the log. Internet is much better. They even put bags on their shoes to not dirty my floor when they came inside. Thanks for the service, cox.

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        Hello Warren3000. I am glad to hear that everything is back up and running as it should. Please let us know if you continue to experience issues with the service. Thanks. -Allan Cox Support Forums Moderator.