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5 years ago

Random Internet Connection Drops

I have been experiencing numerous drops daily for several months. If you check the notes on my account, I have been encountering this issue even prior to everyone working from home. I am in section 1558A (according to last phone contact) and there is no current activity to attribute this behavior. Disconnection events are more numerous in the morning and can last anywhere between 30 seconds to 10 minutes but have been noted to occur unexpectedly throughout the day. The triggering events have not developed into a recognizable pattern from my side not noted from your tech support.

I have recently replaced and equipped a new Arris Surfboard SB6190 at the strong suggestion of online tech as the prior model aged out of service. There was NO CHANGE in connection behavior. 

The frustration of having to call support each time is overwhelming and is prominent enough to cause issues with my work which is heavily reliant on a stable connection.  I have had since to rely on using my cell as a hot spot and while this proves to be a workable alternative, should not have to be used because I subscribe to a service that is supposed to provide this for me.I have lost countless man hours working around and through this issue. I would hope that your tech team would display working as tirelessly towards resolution.

If there was an viable alternative, I would be looking into changing.

Please fix this.


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    For some reason, the Cox phone and chat techs always say you need to replace the modem because the modem is broken. The modem is almost never actually broken. They even have a scripted response where they say they recommend replacing the modem every 2-3 years. I don't understand why they want people to replace perfectly good modems all the time.

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    It's not you, it's Cox.  I went through the same thing and also bought new modem and wifi router, costing hundreds of dollars.  I think a lot of people have gone thru or are going thru the same thing as us and are purchasing unnecessary hardware.  I believe that is grounds for a class action lawsuit.   

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    File a complaint with the FCC, its the only way to get cox to pay attention, even though it wont change anything. I was just told that you are not guaranteed ANYTHING from cox, and if you want to use internet for anything other than entertainment then you need to get their business internet. This company is a joke and needs to be shut down.

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      I will consider the FCC complaint. I only want COX to provide the service I signed up for. The only alternative in my area is ATT of which I am considering.

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        The only other option in my area is centurylink, which is who i will be switching to as soon as this covid issue is cleared up(as they have to have a tech come into the house).